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The smiling nature of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W


All praise to Allah, for all His virtues. And here I am, typing words of tazkirah for all who still loyal reading my thought and opinion. For I just a human being with mission as the khalifah on the surface of the earth. May Allah blesses us with His guidance and show us the way.

Well, it might be very weird when you are reading this new entry because I usually write it in Bahasa Melayu. However, to be honest, among all the dreams and wishes that I have; I would like to preach Islam in English. Therefore, this is a one tiny step to archive this objective.... Really, I get rather restless having to write so many assignment (not that I'm complaining) in English that I wished I could pour my heart out by talking about something else. Which its remind me about a very nice book that I have read, a long time ago... (well, not that long, just a couple years ago).

This book titled "MUHAMMAD, The Benefactor of Humanity (PBUH) by Naeem Siddiqi, published by Islamic Publication LTD, Lahore, Pakistan. Oh, how much I fall in love to this yellow covered book because it describes many aspect concerning our habibullah, Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. And one of those parts, where the author explaining the smilling nature of the chosen one, Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

Now, would anyone ever imagine how our last prophet smile?

Wish that you could meet him before, right?

Hehe... He like to smile and when he met people, his cheerful nature made the sense of affection blooming beautifully in the heart of sahabat.... Oh, dear... It is stated in the book: "His laughter was a smile like the opening of flower-buds in which only teeth were visible and never the gullet."

Even then, he also jokes with the companian, yet he only say something that is truth and never any lie.

Hazrat Abu Huraira once asked in surprise, "Do you joke with us also?" The Prophet replied, "Yes, but I never say anyting contrary to truth". Some examples of the Prophet sense of humour is:

An old woman came to him and requested that he may pray for her be given a place in Paradise. The Prophet jestingly said, "No old woman can enter Paradise." When the woman leaving in tears, the Prophet asked those present to recall her and inform her that God does not send to Paradise any one in the state of senility but those entering Paradise will be given the bloom of youth.

Another story that I like ever so much which involve a beduin friend of the Prophet; who was a friendly terms with him was usually sent by him to the market on business. Once when the this beduin was selling something in the market the Prophet went quietly to him and put his hands over his eyes and asked him to recognise who he was. At first, the beduin very shocked and when he recognised, he began to rub his shoulders against the Prophet's chest. The Prophet then called out, "Who is going to purchase this slave?" The beduin said in humility, "However purchases this worthless slave will be at loss." The Prophet then remarked, "You are not worthless in the sight of God."

These stories are from the book that I have mentioned before. Isn't it beautiful? Having to realize that Prophet Muhammad like to smile and also sometimes laughing with the companion only made me wish that I could see his smiling face in hereafter. Ameen... Miss him so...

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W used to say: " Your meeting a friend with a smiling face is also a virtuous act."

Therefore, start smiling everyone. Even in the hardest moment of your life. It is a simplest form of infaq and I wish for the world would smile back at you.... May Allah blesses you always... Ameen ya rabbana.

* Please forgive me for my poor command in English or any grammar mistake. This is my first attempt writing in English and having it published in "Pencari CintaNya". Pray for me, that I could do better next time.


by farahzulaikha

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